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So yesterday me and the boyfriend were having a converstion about him going to Montreal, Canada for a weekend or even for 9 days. I am going away to Florida for 9 days to visit my brother. I am going on a family trip and he is going on a guys weekend out to canada. So I asked him who he was going to canada with and he said I am going to take Melissa, Melissa is his female friend since high school. I was like alright thats fine, I dont care, he had a big smirk on his face when he said this. Then he said no I wont take her because I dunno want to put myself through the tempation of something happening because he knew there would be drinking involved and he knew something would have happened. Well he said something along those lines, I just dont remember what he said exactly. So basically he just came out and said that he would cheat on me. Then he said I am am only a guy or something along those lines.

Now knowing that from what he said, should I let him go on this trip or should I put my footdown and say NO?
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as much as i hate to say this....you cant tell him not to go. everyone is their own person, you're not married or engaged so he still can do what he wants (not cheating of course...like he can still do things without asking your permissiob)

guys will be guys and temptation is ALWAYS there for them. girls and guys are totally different...its just mind-boggling. not letting him go will just cause more problems for you. but you need to lay down the lines about trust.

tell him "how would you feel if a guy friend went with me and we got drunk and did something?" always make the guy feel the position from his point of view. when he thinks about how he'll feel, he'll be less likely to cheat. and if he cheats, he isnt worth it.

good luck!
maybe my boyfriend is different, but he would never do or say something like that to me. I could trust him to go on a trip with his chick friend from high school and know nothing would happen. I don't think that what your boyfriend said is cool at all, I think you need to discuss this with him asap.
DUMP HIM!!! Look I don't know you nor do I know your guy or anything about your relationship for that matter but when I read crap like this it makes me sick. I'm a guy and I don't suffer from that problem. Its NOT a guy thing!!! Based on what you've said about that conversation its just a matter of time before that MF cheats on you anyway. Any girl can do better, and its NOT a guy thing! Cheating is not excusable guys often will do it because they know their girlfriends are total pushovers and that they can get away with it. Not to mention they don't really love their girlfriends nor really care about them all that much. Your attitude about it is somewhat disapointing too. You kinda seem like your almost ok with the fact that he said it. You shouldn't be just disapointed you should be RAGING MAD!!! Dump the guy, don't wait for him to break your heart. Take it from a real man. A real man knows that cheating is an unthinkable crime against his woman and himself. There is NEVER an excuse for cheating and I can't say this enough ITS NOT A GUY THING!!!