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Sweet Addiction
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Welcome to Mii_Addiction. This community is based on anything you would like to write about. You can Talk about Love, Relationships, friendships,emotion,personal life issues. Anything and everything.

You can feel free to be yourself. No one will be judged or rated. This community is Mii Addiction and I soon want it to be yours. Once you are surrounded by a good group of friends and positive people, then I am sure you would like to stay around for more.

This community is monitored by manager:craziibabyjo

co manager:jenniroks

♥ For any questions or concerns feel free to contact one of us ♥

1. Be yourself.
2. Do not judge others (we are here to listen/ give advice if needed. Not to talk shit and make others feel bad)
3. Try to keep the community running.(Let others know about us and keep the love going around)
4. Post often (I know we are all busy, but we can always find time for our addictions)
5. Have fun. Write about anything. We dont care.. let it all out if you want. LOL

We want to know about you!

IXI Name:
IXI Age:
IXI Gender:
IXI Location:
IXI Boyfriend/Girlfriend?:
IXI If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend When is your Anniversary?
IXI When is your D.O.B?
IXI Hobbies/Interests:
IXI Why were you interested in joining this community?:
IXI If you were given a million dollars what would you do?:
IXI What are your pet peeves?:
IXI What is your heritage?:
IXI Promote us 3 places and provide the link....
IXI Post Pictures of you and/or S/O:

♥ If your picture is not up and you would like to have your picture here as a member of Mii_addiction then please contact one of your MoDs' ♥

sucker4urlove Jan. 20,2005

lilbabygirl2021 Feb. 09,2003

isuxatlife18 Feb. 14,2004

chrisz_babii Feb. 23, 2004

unicornchic April. 06,2003

x0sexzii0x May. 18,2003 Wedding: Sept. 30,2003

hoochie_boo June. 02,2004

jord_and_jen June. 18,2004

jenniroks Aug.02, 2001

teechers_pet Aug. 03,2002

___gummi Sept. 19, 2003

airforce_chick7 Sept. 21,2004

craziibabyjo Oct.12,2002

cuzmickeyluvsya Oct. 16

kariri_rox Nov. 02

justanotherkimi Nov. 04,2003

babygirlbeth13 Dec. 13,2002

preciouslittle Dec. 14, 2003

endlessxangel Dec. 28,2004

craziibabyjo January 08, 1985

airforce_chick7 Feb. 14,1989

mugirl34 Aug. 03,1988

hoochie_boo May. 04

preciouslittle May. 05,1983

toxicdarling18 May.09,1986

isuxatlife18 June. 14

justanotherkimi June. 19,1984

unicornchic July. 30,1984

kariri_rox Aug. 02

sucker4urlove Aug. 07

hotlips Sept. 05

jord_and_jen Sept. 06,1983

x0sexzii0x Sept. 17,1984

teechers_pet October.06,1983

dolmadez October. 09

chrisz_babii October. 11, 1984

endlessxangel October. 21,1986

jenniroks October. 27,1984

babygirlbeth13 October.26,1986

misstsapinay October.26,1982

cuzmickeyluvsya Nov. 03,1980

lilbabygirl2021 Nov. 07

___gummi Dec. 07, 1986

♥ Please E-mail Craziibabyjo@aol.com or Jenniroks@aol.com if your anniversary is not listed above ♥

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