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Valentines Day Help?

I need some ideas for valentines day, it is going to be 2 years for me and Anthony. I am going to make him cookies, but I want to make it real special since it is our 2 ann. Any ideas on what I should do?
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i'll tell you what i've done for jonathan on spcial occasions:

- bought a wooden box that looked like a treasure box and wrote on the inside: here's a kiss for every treasured thing you do"...i had bought hershey's kisses and wrot 50 reasons why i love him and had 50 kisses for every one and decorated it.

- had a picnic on the beach at sunset (can work if you live by water)

- made him dinner and dessert by candlelight in ym house (everyone left for a couple hours for us)

- went to disney world and universal...you could go to a park near you

- bought him a cute teddy bear for valentine's day from TY beanie babies (they have cute ones for val day)

just some ideas... =) hope they helped! i wanna know how it goes!