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C-Bizzle Is In The Hizzle

Nothing Special

So I started some christmas shopping and I got Anthony a xbox 360 along with Dead or Alive 4. He doesnt get it until tomorrow but I wanna get him a little something on the side as well. I dunno what else to get him? Does anyone have any ideas on what I should get him?

You want it all—eye-popping next-generation games, bleeding-edge processing power, unfettered online access, and all of the best Xbox 360 accessories … and you want it now.

Don't play around. Head straight for Xbox 360, which offers the most bang for the buck with its overwhelming arsenal of accessories for the gamer who's ready to master this brave new world.

Package includes:

* Xbox 360 Console
* Xbox 360 Hard Drive
* Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
* Component HD AV Cable
* Xbox 360 Headset and Ethernet Cable
* Bonus: Media Remote (included free for a limited time)
* One Month Xbox Live Gold Trial, plus free Xbox Live Silver Membership*

Also includes:

* Power supply and cord
* Instruction manuals
* Estimated Retail Price: $399.99

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